I help young adults make important decisions

in their lives.

You may be afraid that you won't find 
the right career.
You have self confidence but sometimes
you'd like it to be more.
You may be unsure about what to do with your money. 
How much education do you even need?
I get it. Decisions in life require a clear path and strategic tools.  
I help you to loosen the old beliefs that
you don't even know are there.
You'll be creating beliefs to make those
powerful and transformative changes.
I teach you the foundational work to
avoid the cookie cutter life.  
You'll tap into what's creating your current
results and then fast track to
mastering decision making.
Do not underestimate your ability to
get the life you want.
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Time to...

  • Avoid or Stop getting passed up for promotions

  • No longer feel stuck in your job

  • Create a relationship that you want

  • Be in a relationship you've always wanted

  • Set goals for financial freedom

  • Create financial freedom

  • Master self confidence

Hi! I'm Darbi B.

Let me tell you
I help people

While I was growing up I made decisions to the best of my abilities.  I was a smart student and very driven.  But I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I made some poor decisions. Those decisions created some difficulties and strains that I think people like you can avoid.  My parents, teachers and church leaders taught me all they could but they couldn’t teach what they didn’t know.  

I wasn't sure about what I wanted in a relationship and didn't have the right tools to figure things out for myself.  I didn’t know who I wanted to be. I wasn't taught much about managing money let alone setting a goal of what I wanted to make.  I was making the best choices I could with the information I had.  A lot of the decisions were in the spur of the moment and not fully thought out. 

I BELIEVE that if you know how to manage your mind you can create more, become more and appreciate life because you'll access your true potential. 

Because I have been able to manage my mind I have been able to create financial freedom, amazing relationships, intense self confidence and so much more.

I believe we can learn this life changing work at any age, really! 

Most importantly, you can save yourself unnecessary heartache, frustration and tears that come with a messy mind. 


What will YOUR world be like if you learn how to make decisions with FOCUS and INTENTION?





"You can allow any emotion and find profound peace when you learn to manage your mind."

-Darbi B.

What Do My Clients Get?

-Increased emotional IQ
-Evaluate or choose a Career path
-Discover your Relationship standard
-Increase communication skills
-Discover your Money DNA
-Search your Spirituality
-Learn to Trust yourself
-Gain Self Confidence and live your dream


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