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Live Webinar • Tuesday, Aug. 25th • 5pm PT

Darbi Brisbon

Young Adult Life Coach

Darbi Brisbon

Young Adult Life Coach

Ben Pugh

Parenting Coach

Joey Mascio

Teen Life Coach

On this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why it's time to STOP trying to control your teen: It's difficult. We think that being a good parents means controlling our teens. 

  • How to keep things in perspective: Trust that everything can be for our good. Even the most difficult of trials make us stronger.

  • How to teach your teen resilience: Did you know that resilience isn't a skill that some are simply born with? Nope, it's actually a skill that has to be practiced and developed.

  • Your specific questions answered by 4 experts: Submit your questions ahead of time, or live on the webinar, and get live specific answers to your questions.

  • Important life skills that schools can't teach: There's more to life than reading, writing, and math. Mental, social, and emotional skills are often ignored.

  • How to connect with your teen:
    You can connect with your teen, even when they make it difficult.

Darbi Brisbon,

Young Adult Life Coach

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Darbi came in to Life Coaching when it saved her own marriage and changed her life completely, for the better.
She decided to work with young adults because she believes that the young adult years are the most important time to make life decisions with a clear path.

Darbi teaches her clients the tools of mastering decision-making while managing their mind. She helps them to clearly understand their relationship expectations. With her extensive experience in business and the workforce she’s able to teach clients how to choose the right career path, create work life balance, and secure financial freedom.

What if one life decision can change the trajectory of your whole life?

It can.

Be sure you have a coach on your side so your trajectory is exactly what you desire.

Ali Terry,

Young Adult Life Coach

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Over a year ago I was struggling with feelings of discouragement, frustration, self-loathing and the fear that I might not be good enough. 

What finally helped me to break free from those feelings are the tools that I now use to coach my clients. 

They are life changing!!

This work will not only change your life but it will be fun!

I've got you and you're worth it, so get started on your journey to live life with more confidence, clarity and a deeper happiness!

Thanks to my degree in social work, my training at Clarity point coaching and life experiences, I am passionate about this work and I am grateful to be able to coach others and help people increase in confidence, clarity and overall mental and emotional health. 

 Let's do this!

Ben Pugh,

Life Coach For Parents & Teens

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After being a foster parent for 10 years and a high school principal for 5, Ben decided to become a certified life coach to help parents and their teens turn struggles and challenges into strengths.

Ben uses humor and powerful personal stories and experiences to help both teens and parents put life's challenges into perspective.

He helps them understand how to tackle life's challenges by exercising and developing their mental and emotional health.

Joey Mascio,

Life Coach for Teens & their Parents

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Joey has been working with teens ever since he was one. Currently, he is a middle school teacher and counselor. Joey has also been a high school teacher, Sunday school teacher, seminary teacher, and teen improv instructor. He has professional training in acting for the stage, a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, and a Master’s in Education.


Now, as a certified Life Coach, Joey works with teens on developing crucial life skills that aren’t taught in schools. Using his background in comedy, storytelling, and performance, he produces a podcast and videos to help teens learn tools and techniques to help them choose happiness and achieve at high levels.